Bontera Microbial Agricultural Solutions
Growers around the world want a more sustainable way of producing crops. One that protects their most valuable resource – the soil. They know that excessive use of synthetic chemicals compromises the living soil ecosystem needed for healthier crops and better yields.
Bontera protects the soil, improves yield, and reduces chemical-fertilizer input.
Bontera formulations contain naturally occurring microbes along with micronutrients and organic acids that work together to promote soil quality and productivity. Bontera products are 100% organically derived. They contain no synthetic chemicals or genetically modified organisms and are completely compatible with all sustainable and organic growing practices.
Our foliar and soil formulations are proven effective in increasing yields while reducing chemical-fertilizer input. They can be used with any crop.
Bontera’s microbes and other components work together to:

Increase nutrient availability Promote plant health

Promote root development Degrades soil organic matter