Bontera Products

Protecting soil and improving crops from the ground up.

Bontera products contain naturally occurring microbes selected for their demonstrated ability to:

Improve crop health and yield Protect and rehabilitate the soil Reduce chemical-fertilizer input

Bontera is for use in conventional and organic agriculture.

Manufactured to the highest quality standards, Bontera products are 100% organically derived. They are free of synthetic chemicals and genetically modified organisms and are completely compatible with all sustainable and organic growing methods. When used within conventional agriculture, Bontera allows growers to reduce their use of chemical fertilizers. All microbes used in Bontera products are naturally derived.

Use Bontera products alone or with each other – on any crop – for richer earth and better harvests.

Bontera Impact – The microbes in our soil enhancer have been selected for their demonstrated ability to improve plant health and soil quality and productivity. Impact can also be used as a pre-planting treatment, applied directly to seeds or to seedlings at the time of transplanting.

Field Trial Results

Beans: (US, South Africa, Mexico)
Corn: (US, South Africa, Turkey)
Lettuce: (Turkey)
Potato: (South Africa, Turkey)
Soy, Soy (Dry Land)
Spring Wheat
Sunflower: (South Africa, Turkey)