Bontera Crop Enhancers

Bontera works with plants and soil for more productive agriculture.

Bontera’s microbes perform many complex functions in improving plant health and soil productivity, but to sum it up simply, it’s their production of bioactive compounds that drive Bontera’s key benefits.

Increased nutrient bioavailability.

Phosphate, potassium, and other nutrients in the soil are often in forms that roots can’t absorb. When added to the soil, Bontera’s microbes solubilize these nutrients, converting them into readily absorbable forms. Nitrogen-fixing microbes similarly convert atmospheric nitrogen into forms that plants can use. When applied to leaves, the micronutrients and beneficial organic acids in Bontera penetrate pores on the leaves, making nutrients directly available to the plants.

Robust root development.

Specialized microbes promote root hair development, greater root mass, and deeper root proliferation. This increases access to nutrients and moisture throughout the soil, yielding more vigorous crops.

Soil organic matter (SOM).

A vital storehouse of nutrients and moisture, SOM increases soil’s water-retention capacity and reduces nutrient leaching. Bontera’s microbes help breakdown SOM efficiently and allows plants to uptake the nutrients more readily.