Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is Bontera Microbial Soil Enhancer Liquid Concentrate?

It is a formulation of humates and beneficial microbes that complement each other to promote soil quality and plant health.

What are its agricultural benefits?

Proper applications and usage have increased crop yields by 20% and reduced fertilizer use by as much as 50%. All microbes are selected from their natural environments and screened for their high performance.

What kind of crops can it be used on?

It can be used on any crops. Concentration, application rates, and number of applications per year may vary by type of crop.

How is it applied?

With proper agitation, it can be applied using any type of irrigation or spray equipment. Remove the cap for 5 minutes before application to restore air supply to microbes.

Are there any restrictions for its use?

There are no minimum restrictions on the amount of water required per acre. There are no grazing restrictions or waiting periods after application.

How should it be stored?

It can be stored for up to two years at temperatures between 40°F and 85°F. Protect it from freezing, as freezing will diminish the product’s performance.