About Us

“The soil once teemed with microbes that supported crop and soil health. But long-term chemical-based agriculture has degraded these vital microbes – along with our food, water, and soil. Bontera focuses on providing alternatives that restore and protect the very resources growers depend on.”

– Syed H. Imam, PhD, Vice President of R&D, Bontera

At Bontera we care deeply about helping growers produce the crops needed to feed the world’s ever-increasing population and about protecting our natural resources. These two strands are woven together in our commitment to developing safe, effective solutions for sustainable agriculture.

Real solutions require solid R&D and an understanding of growers’ needs.

Our R&D team is always exploring sustainable technologies to improve crop health and yields while protecting the soil and water growers depend on. We work closely with growers and distributors around the world to understand their needs and how we can best meet them with sustainable solutions.